Reptile Youth: Fear


OUT NOW: Reptile Youth: Fear

FINALLY OUT - FEAR NOT! The Danish Indie rudebwoys Reptile Youth are unleashing the final single "Fear" taken from their hit-loaden debut album today. It´s packed with stunning remixes and the first step takes international allaround music wizard. Kasper Bjørke, who crafted a blazing remix in his signature sound and adds an urging synthline alongside glittering beats. Danish newcomer Broke turn the piece into a psycho disco song in their “Broke Party Anthem”, before  New York’s Ryan Cavanagh aka Slow Hands contributes a soulful and dreamy rework centered around beautiful piano chords. Be thrilled and feel no fear.

DJ Feedback:
Mano Le Tough (Permanent Vacation)
Slow hands remix rules!


Tensnake (Mirau)
Noisy but melodic Kasper Björke remixes, but Slow Hands is the real winner, thanks

Joris Voorn (Rejected)
Love the Bowie'esque slow hands version!!

Laurent Garnier (F Com)
loooooove this instrumental mix --- full support

Tim Sweeney (Beats In Space)
Nice one. Really like Kasper's mix!

Michael Reinboth (Compost)
great crashing tune, like Crash Course & Science meets 2013. YEAH very good. Kasper in best form.

Adam Port (Keinemusik)
Slow Hands mix is dope!!! Great opener track for my sets. Support! THX