Fluqx by Ed Gumuchian


Warped synth lines and swirling textures create the sonic playground for Fluqx introspective, vocal-infused world.

Comprising producer-engineer Joel Krozer and singer Brian Della Valle, the Copenhagen based duo got together when Joel heard Brian (singer-songwriter Of The Valley) recording in the studio below his. Their encounter led to a series of late-night recording sessions, together with collaborator Søren Holme, that quickly became the cornerstone of their partnership and the formation of Fluqx.

“His uniquely deep, dark voice got me curious - how would he sound over these tracks I’m working with? It turned out to be at the other extreme of his vocal range where they excelled” Joel remembers.

Their signing with hfn music led to the release of their debut single ‘Vanishing Point’ in 2019, which makes use of desolate synth landscapes contrasted with an intimate vocal delivery over vast drum patterns. Its textures are a product of Joel’s Copenhagen studio, featuring walls of historic analog equipment, the same he uses when working with artists such as Clark (Warp), Smerz (XL Recordings) and When Saints Go Machine (Escho). Joel’s passion for photography inform Fluqx’s visual aesthetic, contrasting microscopic close-ups with vast, open landscapes. Fluqx followed up with “Staring At The Sun“, a blissful synth-filled track with vocal hooks invoking blood moons and rain.

In late 2019, they released ‘Feather’, with thunderous drum sounds and distorted, modulated vocals that bridge the gap between downtempo electronica and art-pop. It also features a remix by Swedish Techno producer and Fever Ray collaborator Peder Mannerfelt.

With the release of their first full length album ‘Monolith’ in 2020, the duo pushes their sound onto a wider sonic canvas blending sharp angular aspects of digital technology with the organic textures of analog, best exemplified by the opening track “Here”. Della Valle delivers vocals that invoke motion, shifting around large, otherworldly objects, detailing their outline. Some of these objects are delicate (’Carvings’) and others gargantuan (‘Feather’), as everything gravitates around the dense, instrumental title track, ‘Monolith’.

“With ‘Feather’, the two introduce the distinct sound of Fluqx as they merge deeply warped synthesizers, swirling textures and Brian’s affecting, thoughtful vocals.” (Kaltblut).

”Vanishing Point, a soothing ambience contrasting the calm and powerful” (Tsugi)

“Creating cinematic and ambitious soundscapes that are also quite intimate in the end.” (Nothing But Hope And Passion)

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