The project Frum is primarily music, film and expression through the body. The person behind the project, Jenný Augustudóttir Kragesteen, grew up in the Faroe Islands, a group of relatively secluded Islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, where old traditions and modern life blend naturally. Growing up so close to breaking waves and green mountains have shaped her, and she wants to bring these blends and impressions into her project.

Frum released her first song in late-2016, the project quickly attracted massive international interest resulting in a tour in China, prominent bookings at showcase festivals across Europe such as Reeperbahn Festival (DE), SPOT (DK) and Nouvelle Prague (CZ), and support from big media such as Berlin based RBB RadioEins or FluxFM. Her first four singles and music videos have moreover generated impressive results with more than 500.000 plays on Spotify, being playlisted on the worldwide H&M instore playlist and attracting several sync agency requests for representation vis-à-vis placement on movies, Netflix shows and games.

In 2018, Frum got nominated for Reeperbahn Festival’s renowned ANCHOR Award, which each year goes out to the best upcoming artists performing at the festival. Eight out of Reeperbahn’s approximately 450 acts got selected for a nomination by the ANCHOR board, which is constituted of industry professionals such as Camille Hackney (Atlantic/Warner), Christoph Dallach (Die Zeit and Rob Challice (Coda Agency).

In May 2019, the Faroese artist released her first single on hfn, called "Ocean". 

In the song Jenný talks to her grandmother, “Putting your lipstick on and walking down the stairs like they were the wrong way.” The heartfelt memories of the pure relationship between the two through the grandchild’s eyes somehow don’t stop the song from making your toes jam. “I can still look into the ocean feel you’re near”

“Ocean” has a fascinating balance between a refreshing breeze of production from the islands and current electro-pop sound. The accompanying music video was created in collaboration with designer Mel Redmer, who Frum met during Reeperbahn Festival 2018.

Fast forward to 2021, Frum released the soothing "The Only Way" and an enchanting acoustic version of it. Her latest single is "Again And Again", released with a beautiful music video, with outfits, scenery and directing by Frum herself. Filmed in the unique landscape of Iceland.

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