Sid Le Rock's Scenic Route (track by track)


Sid Le Rock's Scenic Route (track by track)

Drummer Girl
As an opening track, I was looking to create something of a teaser or introduction to. The idea came to me partially during a lunch break while watching drum solos videos of some insanely talented female drummers - likenotables such as Karen Carpenter, Kate Schellenbach (The Beastie Boys), Sheila E., Terri Lyne Carrington, etc. Inspired but nowhere near that talent level, I improvised to the best of my ability to incorporate a live feeling of a drum solo as a lead into the boom. The “boom” portion of the track drew inspiration for the sounds of Soca and Sound System.

Speak Sweetly
This one I guess we can laugh about now, maybe? But without going into too much details, the story goes like this - My fiancé, beholder of my heart and girlfriend of 10 years was just having one of those bad days, you know, where everything just feels like the dumpster. We’re standing in the kitchen putting out fires sort of speak, where she just comes out and says “Say something sweet to me” and so like the idiot joker I become in tense situations, I responded with “Even if it doesn’t mean a thing?” Yeah! I suck. So, I credit her for these lyrics – a sobering reminder that sweet words go a long way.

Hiraeth [2nd single]Sid Le Rock
Firstly, the driving force behind this space rock track is the coveted LinnDrum. Almost everything that was musically cool in the 80’s, we should give thanks to Roger Linn for that. Hiraeth (in definition) is about the longing of home. This song is about that very moment you’ve reach the arrival gates tonally be reunited with family and loved ones. I wanted to capture that moment through song.

Here I simply wanted to pick up the pace, with pre-planning in thought for a track that I can perform live at the pinnacle of my set performance. However, now it sounds more like a song that would possibly be included in a road trip mix-tape or a morning jog, hence the title - “Morgenfrisk”.

Mud Puppy
They really do exist. Synonyms. Sirena maculosa Rafinesque, 1818. The common mudpuppy (Necturus maculosus) is a species of salamander in the genus Necturus. They live an entirely aquatic lifestyle in the eastern part of North America in lakes, rivers, and ponds. They go through paedomorphosis and retain their external gills.

Fukitall (album edit)
This track came to me near the tail end of my relentlesspursuit to complete this album. Autumn evolved intospring and yet, there I was still staring out from the in-side. Feeling head heavy, my mantra at that point was - Fukitall now, good times are awaiting. The longer dancefunk version was later made to emphasize my dramaticre-entry into normal civilization.
Kismet (Kisnot edit)
Arabic meaning for destiny; fate. Kismet was previously released on a Mexican label but later re-edited and shortened for this version that I wanted to include on this album. Definitely my most energetic track on this record. I quite enjoy performing this at the peak point of my live set.
As a kid in the 70’s growing up during the height of Saturday morning cartoon on TV, I would toast up a batch of these golden brown waffles and pour endless streams of maple syrup over them, most of course would wind up covering my hands and clothes. I felt dirty, just as I do with this track.

Slowpoke [1st single]Sid Le Rock
This song is about the social awkwardness of online and app dating today, recounting the many stories told by friends. The lyrics are tongue in cheek humour for the obsessed, repressed and depressed.

First Kiss
A gentleman doesn’t kiss and tell.

One of my favourite words that is untranslatable from German, but roughly means “the feeling of being alone in the woods”. Much like this song that it’s named after, there are many feelings and ideas that our language can’t adequately identify. Waldeinsamkeit is my closing song made fittingly for my closing thoughts.