Reptile Youth / Shooting Up Sunshine

Digital only:
Shooting Up Sunshine

Produced by Mark Ralph, David M. Allen and Reptile Youth | Vocals by Mads Damsgaard Kristiansen

"Catchy as all fuck and will no doubt be in your head for the rest of the day, if not year." (Purple Sneaker)

Since Reptile Youth have been sticking out their heads in spring 2011 and rapidly became the “most hyped” band only because of their incredible live shows, 2012 saw them finally releasing their first single 'Speeddance' which took the listener’s hearts accross the globe by storm. Followed by 'Black Swan Born White' and three videos for this single there’s a serious tension noticeable that the danish duo’s debut album is now ready for release.

While the album dropped in late September, we couldn’t resist to evoke the European holiday season with this fabulous super-summer anthem 'Shooting Up Sunshine' which will be available in the download shops August 5th.

As with all of Reptile Youth’s songs there’s a certain twist to both music and lyrics. " 'Shooting Up Sunshine'" says singer Mads Damsgaard, “is a song about being so overcome by happiness that it completely overshadows everything else in life. Happiness feels fantastic in the entire body and can be triggered during the making of a song, milestones in life or simply just sex and drugs. Jonathan Leder, founder of Jacques magazine, who is currently working on his first feature length film, took time to make this hypnotic video where the sexuality draws you in to the catchy hooks of Reptile Youth’s sun-drenched lyrics. The girl in the video seduces you and all of the sudden you are pulled into a fantasy of summer, sex, and fun. This is part of the addiction of our new generation who are obsessed with the feeling of being free to enjoy whatever whim they want at any given time. To stay up all night dancing until dawn and then driving to the beach still reeling from last night’s high. For one second you can lose yourself in this fantasy but in reality your body possesses the greatest drug, endorphins”.

“The pop illusion”, adds Esben Valløe, ”only works in a fairytale, you need b a bit of truth and a sense of who you are to enjoy the real word.”



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