PaulWetz Hypnotize Me


PaulWetz new single "Hypnotize Me"

PaulWetz is back with Hypnotize Me - another bewitching pop gem filled with drama, attitude and emotion - and never without his signature ear for pop hooks. Wetz’s voice remains a joy - gentle yet edgy, while the thick, rounded kick and bass pounds us into a gentle submission. Out now!

"I wrote the song in a painting studio where I made lots of music the past two years and had a small room with my instruments. In the beginning of the pandemic I felt that on top of living a weird life already, it alienated me even more from my surroundings, my sisters live abroad and I missed them.

The track probably has the hardest hitting kickdrum I ever used, because I felt so numb that day that I wished for something to remind me that I am alive. It’s a song for everyone who feels alienated from the outside world and searches for refuge in music" Paul says.

PaulWetz - a TikTok success story

PaulWetz on TikTok


"Hypnotize Me" is already available as a 1 minute sound on TikTok, where Paul created quite a buzz lately. He makes short songs out of cereal ingredients, a microwave manual or using Google Translate to write songs in languages he doesn't even speak. 

End of June 2021 one of his videos gained 1.5M views within 24h, his followers there and on Instagram doubled within 2 days. Followers on both platforms are still rapidly increasing. Paul was featured in the TikTok Germany Creators Newsletter as „Artist Of The Week“ alongside Ed Sheeran, followed by German TV (ARD MoMa) and online press such as The Best Social Media. His Spotify followers doubled within a month to almost 8k with about 161k monthly listeners.

Check out his short videos on TikTok or Instagram.