Welcome, Mike Sheridan!

Together with Playground Music we proudly present our newest signing: Mike Sheridan. 

Born in 1991, Mike Sheridan has been an integral part of the Copenhagen electronic music scene since the mid-2000s, when he debuted with his critically acclaimed album "I Syv Sind". 

After releasing his second album in 2012, Mike began almost exclusively composing for theatre, radio-drama whilst also performing as a musician and collaborator. This proved an exciting challenge and led to a reorientation of himself and his creation process.  What followed was his feature-debut for the Emmy nominated documentary "The Island And The Whales"(2016) and a Danish Academy Award nomination as a score-producer for the Lisa Jespersen film "Persona Non Grata"(2021).

Now, in 2023, Mike Sheridan is inviting us on a crystal clear music journey with his upcoming album "Atmospherics".

„I thought, what happens if I embrace my childish fascination with sound? If I try to make all that buzz tangible?‘ In a way, Atmospherics is the album I‘ve been waiting to make. I took on the role of the adult who could capture the ideas of the child I was forever ago. Atmospherics is a meeting of the two, and together they cultivate and amplify all my darlings,“ he says. The first single "Minds I" will be released on 22 September.