PaulWetz - Bruises


PaulWetz: Bruises

German producer, singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist PaulWetz' third single on hfn music is out now! 'Bruises' is a plaintive song of beauty. Stripped down to its essential core, the production provides the stage for Paul’s vocals, calling for more love and understanding to heal destructive behaviour - both on the personal and social level.

“In this song I reflected on how I often make bad decisions out of a feeling of dissatisfaction and shortcoming.” says Paul. “I’m often trying to compensate with distraction and a false sense of self. On a larger scale I see a whole civilization making bad decisions which often come from the same lack of love and compassion and constantly trying to compensate with a destructive behaviour. The song comes from a place of love for the whole world as an organism and the hope that we will notice that miracle more often and start to see and feel the connection we all have to one another as we are part of it. The production is based on simplicity and it is there as a support for the vocals. I wrote the song on the piano and added a clean beat and a bass guitar that glues it all together.”