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New Fluqx single coming up!

One of Denmark’s most respected producers and engineers Joel Krozer formed Fluqx following a chance encounter with singer Brian Della Valle in Copenhagen. When they first met it was clear that a musical collaboration was a must. Hearing Brian (also singer-songwriter Of The Valley) recording in the studio below his, Joel was immediately struck by his voice:

“His uniquely deep, dark timbre got me curious - how would he sound over these tracks I’m working with? It turned out to be at the other extreme of his vocal range where they excelled” Joel remembered.

Their first encounter was followed by late night recording sessions together with collaborator Søren Holme, which quickly became the cornerstone of their partnership and the formation of Fluqx.

The pair dropped 'Vanishing Point', ‘Staring At The Sun’ in November before following up with ‘Feather’ in January, the latter accompanied by a remix from Peder Mannerfelt and a beautiful music video.

Fluqx Here


With their upcoming album 'Monolith' just announced, Fluqx are already set to give us another little glimpse of their universe with 'Here'. Coming up in February. Stay tuned!