New Blaue Blume single "Crush" to come + singer Jonas Schmidt to star in feature film

After their last release "Country" Blaue Blume will be back with their new single "Crush" on 3rd of February. 

"'Crush' is pretty much just about getting your relationship to sparkle again in the midst of having small kids and all the practical stuff involving everyday life. The song is about dancing and making out again with the one you went out of your way to get. Reminding yourself that you really shouldn't take it for granted. A tribute to girlfriends and boyfriends." singer Jonas Schmidt describes the catchy pop song. 

Jonas will also make his first appearance as an actor, starring in the Danish feature film "København findes ikke" (Copenhagen doesn't exist), which is directed by Martin Skoovgaard and written by Oscar nominee Eskil Vogt. The movie will premiere on 9th of February.