Lydmor - I Told You I'd Tell them Our Story


New album 'I Told You I'd Tell Them Our Story' by Lydmor!

'I Told You I'd Tell Them Our Story' by Lydmor is now within everybody's reach! The Danish producer and troublemaker created a whole universe around her album translating her state while she was living in Shanghai for several months in 2016 and the Chinese metropolis inspired her to completely redefine her artistic expression. The story evolves from start to finish and is implied through the three layers on the album: 1) a love story, 2) a group of friends who are running from something to find themselves together in Shanghai, drawn toward the sinister, raving energy of a nightclub 3) a surreal level of abstraction that deals with biology and technology from a post-humanistic perspective. Lydmor will capture your full attention with these twelve tracks full of suspense, emotions, smoothness and hooked melodies!