Jacob Bellens Love Is Robotic


'Love Is Robotic' music video out now!

Jacob Bellens' new song 'Love Is Robotic' is illustrated by a creative music video, shot by director Jonas Bang on 8mm. In the video, you see Jacob himself making phonecalls, sitting down on the couch again and again. When he sits down, you see a house of cards built up on the glass table in front of him, which then collapses - and is built up again in the next scene.

"Jonas Bang, who directed it, had this idea of this small repetitive motion consisting of an initial contact/interaction (the phonecall), a process and a more or less dramatic ending (falling house of cards) describing the endless practical acts of love, attempts of human connections, series of compassionate relationships, meetings and so on", Jacob says about the meaning of the video.

Read Jacob Bellens talk a little more about the backgrounds of the video in this interview.