Q & A with Jacob Bellens


Q & A with Jacob Bellens

Jacob Bellens' new single 'Love Is Robotic' (song and video) just came out on June 28th. A good reason to ask the Danish musician some questions about his latest release and get to know him a little better.

What inspired you to write "Love Is Robotic"? 

I have been wanting to write something a bit more relatable the last couple of years and this song was at least a step in that direction for me. It’s based on a feeling of self pity I had about being left on my own because my dad passed away. I think I was trying to put my feelings into words in a more direct and 1:1 manner than I usually do. My mission in many areas of my life is getting better at communicating, whether it is through music, feelings or words. In this case I started out with the words "So many others have felt what you’re feeling now" and wrote the chorus first, trying to describe what I was feeling at that moment.

How did you get inspired to your new electronic sound? 

I have always listened to virtually any genre of music that’s available out there and never really felt any difference between the styles of music I'm working in. In other words, the electronic sound has always been a part of me, as well as the more folky, classical expression. I listen to a lot of contemporary pop, urban, r&b, rap and I think the sound I had when I created the production for "Love Is Robotic" was just a melting pot of the music I've been listening to in the months leading up to that.

Now some questions about you new music video (watch here). What was the idea behind “Love Is Robotic (video)“?

Jonas Bang, who directed it, had this idea of this small repetitive motion consisting of an initial contact/interaction (the phonecall), a process and a more or less dramatic ending (falling house of cards) describing the endless practical acts of love, attempts of human connections, series of compassionate relationships, meetings and so on.

It is the first time we see you appearing as a protagonist in one of your music videos. How come? How did it feel to be filmed for this?

I have appeared in a couple of videos before but usually I do my best to avoid it, often just because I'm not that comfortable in front of a camera. In this case, Jonas convinced me it would be fun and it was, haha.

Who are you on the phone with all the time? 

The different people I have loved throughout my life, a lobster friend of mine, Elvis Presley and a sales representative from the merchandise division of The Illuminati. Just some folks.

Who is the guy with the monkey mask on that appears at the very end of the video? 

It is in fact a real chimpanzee. They are so similar to us it’s scary. Really makes you wonder. 

What are your plans for 2019? 

Spending time with my family, getting better at being transparent and stating my opinion when needed, while shutting up at other times where I usually would have spoken, staying sane with an edge, learning as much about living as possible, relaxing.

What made your day today? 

My first visit at a new place opening up nearby where I live. Really enjoying it so far, most likely it will be my fave spot the coming year or two.

Do you have a morning routine and if so, what does it look like?

I do. I get up sometime around 7, make breakfast and coffee and then take my daughter to daycare around 8.30. Afterwards, I often have coffee again at a French bistro-ish café in a small street right around the corner from where I drop her off.

How do you personally define love? What does it mean to you in everyday life?

It means everything. Love, human connection and relationships with other people - whether family or friends - are literally what makes my world go round. If I don’t have that, nothing else works.