Lydmor / LSD Heart

Lydmor - LSD Heart
Lydmor - LSD Heart

01. LSD Heart

Lydmor, the probably most colorful bird at the Indie-Pop sky, reinvents herself once again. With her new single LSD Heart, the first new song after her longplayer 'I Told You I'd Tell them Our Story' last year, she is starting all over for a new episode of her concepted art and music world.

"I feel like doing conceptual things these days! I am having a lot of fun, like a second spring of my own creativity. The Shanghai album was a sort of transition into a new world for me, and currently I am just fooling around in that world and having a lot of fun there”, she says.

Critique to modern art and patriarchism are held together in both her lyrics and the emphatic drive of the production. The insistent energy unfolding over the track leaves little space for breathing but evokes no less emotions when her vocals buzz right into your ear from close distance.

"I feel like I am saying a lot of things in this song that I wanted to say for a long time. The essential point of the song is about loving crazily, endlessly, like a LSD trip. And that there is a new generation on the way, that sees the bullshit of the world, and replaces it with love. What I love about this song is that is has that element of mystery, event to me, YET at the same time I know exactly what it wants, and what I want with it", she summarizes.

Lydmor stands for a broad artistic appearance, that she also presents in her stunning live performances that make use of loads of elaborate light and costume designs, as well as dancing and her permeating music. This and more is to be seen and heard at her upcoming fall tour 2019.

Out on hfn music, 20.09.2019

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