Ebb / Loona (Bonus track version)

While Swedish songwriter, musician and producer Ebb is working on his new album to be released on hfn in the near future, here is 'Loona', Ebb's debut album - now enhanced with 2 brand new bonus-tracks.
Released in 2006 the album has been completely created by himself in all senses - from writing over singing to recording and has won in the category of Best Electronic Album at the Manifest Awards.
'Loona' is the result of 24 months of creative output and Ebb's Northern Swedish roots - it's a soft fusion of acoustic guitar sounds, embedded in a floating electronic framework, accompanied by gentle vocals.
Inspired by nature, Ebb creates a feeling of subtle melancholy and aspiration with a touch of warmth and pureness. Separately the 12 songs present a vast experimental development within themselves and confluent appear in their atmospheric entirety.
A first glimpse of Ebb's upcoming new album can be found on 'dock1', hfn's guide to new releases (released in February 2014).

Selected press quotes:
A musical masterpiece! (Noice!, Proton Radio)
Quality song writing!! Lovely! (Radio Phoenix)
Sublime release. Stuff, sounds & atmospheres are great. (Radio Nice)
Great songs, great album. (WDR Eins live)
Lovely and atmospheric music for a quiet afternoon or a solitary evening. Rich and deep with layers of sound creating a flowing ever morphing album. Beautiful. (KWSB Radio)
Sweet & Sour vocals and defined scandinavian atmosphere. (Ibiza Sonica)
Great chillin sound! (bln FM)

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Ebb Loona (Bonus track version)