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Lisbet Fritze and Louise Foo have shared artistic trajectories for half of their lives, having been two thirds
of pop noir purveyors Giana Factory. As Glas, the duo reveals a patchwork of everyday observations rooted in significant life changes: moving countries, becoming a mother, keeping sane with and without a significant other. The music conveys a quest for balance, riding the line between doomy drama and playing it cool. 

The world’s first exposure to Glas came in September of 2023, with the release of “Melting Point,” from their forthcoming full-length. Capturing the emotion and fragility of an uncertain journey into motherhood, it moves from woozy pop to a full-flow power groove, before the chorus confesses “I’ve never been here before.” Pulsing moments of panic build before the song reaches an abrupt conclusion. 

Their 10 song, self-produced debut, Kisses Like Feathers, is released worldwide through Hamburg’s hfn music. All lyrics, vocals and instruments were performed by Glas, and recorded in their studio. The album was mixed by Anders Trentemøller, with artwork by Brunswicker studio. 

The Copenhagen-based duo have never been short on inspiration. Lisbet has lent her vocal and guitar talents to Trentemøller, in both the studio and on stage. Louise has explored immersive music with avant-pop project SØSTR, along with her sister, Sharin Foo of The Raveonettes. Lisbet’s other life involves architectural design. Louise works with sound installations in a visual arts context. The musical ideas of these two polymaths find coherence in the newly-formed Glas. 

Kisses Like Feathers embody Nordic duality. Dark at times, it also presents with an open ethereality. Some songs feel tailor-made for a club’s sound system. Others lend themselves to intimate, headphone moments. While Lisbet and Louise’s harmonious vocal stack is the common thread throughout the album, the musical fabric is interlaced with acoustic, electric, and electronic instruments. Lo-fi piano and acoustic guitars share a reciprocal space with rich, synthetic orchestration. Galloping, modern rhythms and folk arrangements are often featured in the same song. These elements, and so many others, buttress the pair’s hymns. 

Glas is a pane that divides Lisbet Fritze and Louise Foo into their two unique personalities, while being fully transparent, allowing full emotional exposure to one another. 


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