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hfn reworked by Francis Harris

Francis Harris’ exceptional run of releases for his own labels Scissors & Thread and Kingdoms now extends to this perfectly formed EP for hafendisko, which sees him rework some of hfn music’s finest moments of the last two years. Harris, the Brooklynite whose feel for subtlety and space seems to infuse all his work, takes on three of the Hamburg label’s cannon - kicked off with Kasper Bjørke’s ‘Cloud 9’, featuring Urdur. Here Harris deconstructs the original and reforms it into a some quite removed from its origins - shuffling drum machines bring about a Kraft-werkesque feel, before beautiful tones and atmospheres reveal themselves. The track seems to develop along two paths simultaneously, somehow creating a truly affecting piece of left field electronica.

Null + Void’s huge Dave Gahan-featuring-track ‘Where I Wait’ has been heavily remixed over the past months, but also gets the Harris treatment. Completely flipped form the original, this is a haunting remix with tough and funky underbelly, utilizing Gahan’s vocals only sparingly.

Danish alt-pop trio ticktock have their single ‘Hatefuck’ refixed also, and Harris zones in on the glitchy vibe and adds layers of claustrophobic depth to the production.

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