Lydmor & Bon Homme / Dream Of Fire

Dream Of Fire Lydmor & Bon Homme

Bored of the drudgery of the 9-to-5? Sick of the same routine day after day? Tired of sitting like a lemming in city traffic? Then it's time to escape in the company of Lydmor & Bon Homme and run through the dark, dance on the high wire, dream of fire.

This is an anthemic, expansive slice of motorik disco that brings together two complementary voices - the husky drawl of Tomas Høffding, singer-bassist of experimental Danish pop trio WhoMadeWho, and rising singer-songwriter Lydmor (literally 'Soundmother') whose vocals run the gamut from seductive siren to strident rap. Instantly catchy and relentlessly buoyant, it's a tune that whirls you far away from mundanity, lifting you up on its lush, layered pads and glimmering keys.

With a radio edit and instrumental version included in this package - the latter bringing the delicious moroderesque synth rhythms to the fore - it's a must-have introduction to one of this year's breakout acts and a tantalising teaser of what lies in store on the debut LP, 'Seven Dreams of Fire'.







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