Modular Project / 1981 - Sisters & Brothers Vol. 06

1981 - Sisters & Brothers Vol. 06

Closing in on two years since the first release in the series, it’s now time for Volume 6 of Sisters & Brothers, the release series curated by Copenhagen-based DJs and producers Kasper Bjørke and Sexy Lazer. 

This time out, Sisters & Brothers stars Modular Project, the Italian duo consisting of Alberto Iovine and Alessandro Fumagalli. Residents at Milan’s club VOLT, their broad music taste and style creates a world that stretches from Techno to Krautrock to New Wave to 80s synth. Now they’re bringing that world to Sisters & Brothers, in the form of 1981 – Sisters & Brothers Vol. 6. 

The new release consists of three tracks from Modular Project, along with one track reworked by Kasper Bjørke

The opener and title track ‘1981’ keeps things short and spacy, a graceful, abstract piece of music clocking in at just under a minute and a half. 

Then follows ‘Past Present Future’, where the groove and motorik momentum kicks in for a heavy, driving piece of music hovers on the line between Krautrock and Techno. 

The final original is ‘Freshback’, which adds a little funk to its bassline to go along with the woozy synths for a light-footed, adventurous house track. 

Wrapping it up is the Kasper Bjørke Bonus Beat Version of ‘1981’, which takes the original’s spacey atmosphere and expands it into a vaster, more sprawling version, backed up with new drums to give it more structure and kick. 

All in all, 1981 – Sisters & Brothers Vol. 6 functions both as an introduction to Modular Project for the unfamiliar, as well as an exciting new adventure for the band’s current fans. 

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Modular Project 1981 - Sisters & Brothers Vol. 06