Deo & Z-Man / No Bullshit Remix EP

Deo & Z-Man, the blood-brothers from Hamburg, pulled off one of the most creative feats of 2013 with their debut album, 'No Bullshit'; with zero BS but plenty of inspiration, the pair melted together a range of influences with a healthy dose of tongue-in-cheek humour for their underground opus. The remix LP to follow this EP solidifies their commitment to the eclectic, drafting in friends and family like Lee Burton, Erobique and Tigerskin to rework the magic.

This 12" package of highlights from that the upcoming remix LP pulls together a selection of the ingenious remixes. 'Chopped Memories' transforms from a laid-back groove with elements of hip hop and the cosmic, to unhinged neo-electro in the hands of the mad scientist ARTTU. Shading in the gaps with static, sirens, and serrated electro edges, ARTTU makes for a deeply memorable and deeply quirky stomper.

Marc Schneider’s masterful remix of 'Iced Out Space Lazerlights' riffs on the noodly, outer-space groove of the original; providing a solid 4/4 framework with space, deepness and real dancefloor compatibility.

SLG handles the delicate downtempo of 'Universal Neighbours' like a pro, using a light touch and playful keys phrasing to slowly transform the mood from pensive to hopeful to positively uplifting, it's a deep house anthem in the making.

Smallville boss Julius Steinhoff finishes on a high by delivering a signature piece of tightly-wound deepness with his take on 'Tales Of Love'; scaling back the sunny retro-disco of the duo's original for a taste of the classy and classicist house that Smallville is known and loved for.


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