Carreno is LB

Carreno is LB

Just in his twenties, Carreno is LB is one of the Spain’s brightest young talents of electronica. The Canarias producer has two EPs on Jennifer Cardini’s Correspondant label to his credit, "Anxiety and Neurosis" (2013) and "Disharmony" (2014); an album together with Iranian producer Nyma, "Lunar Fringe" (2014) on Magda, Troy Pierce and Marc Houle’s label Items & Things; and one of his tracks appear on the latest edition of the Body Language mix series on Get Physical mixed by none other than Francesco Tristano. Not bad for this "little bird".

Carreno is LB‘s music appeals to a labyrinth of techno universe in constant motion, expanding and contracting in surprising ways. In his official biography he talks of a profane and irreverent paranormal electronica sound, consisting of twisting acid house, complex but danceable structures, cosmic elements and dark ambient as hallmarks. A style perfectly adapted to clubs in Paris, London, Berlin, Mexico City and Tel-Aviv.


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