Black Light Smoke / Loving You


Jordan Lieb - aka Black Light Smoke is an Emmy Award winning composer/ producer/musician whose records and live sets are drenched with characteristics of house, 80s post punk, synthwave and electro.

The 'Loving You' EP is no exception - ‘Third Up’ kicks things off with a strong slice of NY house - raw and overdriven, it’s dripping with  avor, featuring tight vocal loops and crunchy 808 hits.

‘Marimba’ has a similar tape saturated vibe, highlight the killer hook and crisp, funky rhythm track. Lieb’s ear for musicality is always represented, and the marimba melody  flips the track into another direction.

Last up is ‘Loving You’ - an uplifting take on classic house tropes - pitched up vocal, a bouncy drum track and sick synth leads. All in all, a perfectly realised three tracker from the New York native now Nashville resident.

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