Black Light Smoke / Fire In My Head

Jordan Lieb, the New York based producer/musician behind the Black Light Smoke project (or Tiger Fingers which was also released on hafendisko), drops an uber fresh EP release on hafendisko. 

The lead track - ‘Fire in My Head’ - has the hallmark elements of Lieb’s finest productions - a thick, infectious groove with plenty of flavour - snappy snares, deep pads and a super soulful vocal from fellow New Yorker Dana Hom.  

‘Wise Guy’ is just as well realised - existing somewhere between Lieb’s hometown of Chicago and his adopted city of New York in terms of style - the drums are super tight yet with plenty of swing - the production leaves plenty of space for the heavily treated vocals to sit within the groove - pure late night material. 

‘Signals’ is a little tougher - a sick, crunchy rhythm track ushering in the moody synth stabs and cut up vocals. For those that like it even deeper and rawer, a Stripped Mix of ‘Signals’ in also included here, which pears the original down to the rhythm track and a few other sparse elements. 

Likewise, dubs of ‘Wise Guy’ and title track ‘Fire in My Head’ are also offered present, taking things deep into the dance.





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