Null + Void - Where I Wait Remixes Pt. 1 - The Hacker


The Hacker’s remix of Where I Wait is out now

Where I Wait is a dark but romantic song that is taken from the outstanding old school electro album ‘Cryosleep’ by Null + Void. It features the inimitable vocals of Depeche Mode singer Dave Gahan, who casts his spell on the listener.

A series of remixes of this outstanding song kicks off with a brilliant remix by French producer The Hacker.  
He delivers a typically dark and driven take on the track. A mid paced groove unfolds with tightly programmed arpeggiated synths seemingly barely under control. Gahan’s iconic vocals float over the top, creating a powerful, poignant track. Also included is a The Hacker’s Dub Remix, stripping back the vocals into a few dubbed out snippets and echos, and focussing in on the tough groove, courtesy of the tight drums and thick, propulsive bass.

‘Where I Wait feat Dave Gahan (The Hacker Remix)’ was premiered on 6AM.

'Stunning, Hacker rules!' (Dave Clarke)
'Both versions are fantastic!!!' (Nick Warren)
'Cool track, good production.' (Chloe)
'This could easily be a Depeche Mode track if you don't know that it's a remix by The Hacker. Well done!' (André Hommen)
'Great 'Behind the Wheel' vibe.' (Ivan Smagghe)