Lydmor's 'Capacity Tour 2021', photo by Kristian Gade


Recap: Lydmor's 'Capacity Tour 2021'

When the world closed down, Lydmor turned to the internet and went online with livestreams. She would play music, compose live, read from books she liked. Anything to feel close to people. Lydmor shared a fragmented personal account of how it is to be a musician right now with Nothing But Hope And Passion.

And then after a seemingly endless drought, things finally got going again: The 'Capacity Tour 2021' could take place almost as planned, only very few concerts had to be cancelled. Lydmor was able to play shows from Denmark, to Belgium and Sweden up to an unexpected acoustic set in Oslo. 

Lydmor acoustic set live in Oslo, photo by Lydmor

"I’ve made my fall tour show, an ode to crying, a warm complex conversation with my audience about fragility. I’ve poured every single drop of love I have, into it. And still, it doesn’t feel like it’s enough. To fill the hole." – Lydmor

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