Part B of Kasper Bjørke's double EP


Part B of Kasper Bjørke's double EP coming up!

Having followed a deeply personal ambient music path that last year led to the release of “Kasper Bjørke Quartet: The Fifty Eleven Project” on Kompakt Records, (named 5th Best Contemporary Album 2018 in The Guardian), Kasper has found his way back to producing some of his signatureleft eld danceable beats, which “the past decadehas seen Bjørke steadily rising amongst the ranks of artful, eclectic electronic producers...” (XLR8R)

Following the four sublime tracks that made up his latest release, Part A of “Nothing Gold Can Stay”, Kasper Bjørke exes the other side of his studio explorations on Nothing Gold Can Stay (Part B).

Whereas Part A focused on vocal driven songs, this second EP is directly aimed at the floor - and Kasper is clearly enjoying getting back to the business of making people move, reflecting on sounds that he would play today, in one of his nightclub DJ sets.

more info will follow...

22.11.2019 on hfn music