Sun Has Gone by Jacob Bellens


Out now: Sun Has Gone by Jacob Bellens!

Following on from the balladic ‘Bread and Butter’, ‘Sun Has Gone’ is the second single taken from Jacob Bellens' upcoming new album ‘My Heart Is Hungry And The Days Go By So Quickly’.

Based on a thick disco beat ‘Sun Has Gone’ is, in Jacob’s words, “a bubbly funk anthem for the lost kids of this earth. It’s also a tribute to the mother of my daughter, a whirlpool of dire straits, prescription pills and insomnia. About childhood memorabilia, the boredom that comes from feeling like a vampire sucked the fun out of your day, about feeling grateful that someone you love is there for you when everything else is going wrong, about appreciating those around you.”

Out now!

Selected press quotes for "Bread and Butter":

“Bread and Butter” is a sad song, but it contains this kind of sadness that doesn’t necessarily put you down, but rather gives you clarity and perhaps slightly pushes towards a change. The whole song is an upfront confrontation with feelings and thoughts we rather keep unspoken. “Bread and Butter” lyrics are wrapped into a light-sounding melody, which in some weird way underlines the melancholy of them even more.“ (Good Because Danish, INTL)

„He has such a warm, melancholic voice and the song is seriously January’s end, a dark eulogy, tinged with the warmth of Spring’s awakening promise. In short, it’s class.“ (Super World Indie Tunes, IR)



photo by Fryd Frydendahl