Null + Void by Rainer Hosch


Out now: Null + Void 'Foreverness' music video!

Taken from Null + Void’s debut album 'Cryosleep' which was released in November 2017 to much applause, here is a new experimental video for their album song 'Foreverness'. Made by Kurt Uenala himself, the producer behind Null + Void, the video perfectly illustrates the melancholy of the song. 

As Uenala puts it, the album “Cryosleep” is inspired by “classic sci-fi stuff”, images of futuristic machines sustaining humans frozen in a dream state. ‘Foreverness’ explores what they might be thinking: “A collection of fragments, memories of a life lived - preserved, but incomplete and jumbled”.

This visual shows fragments of light blue, merging and colliding, trembling around in front of black screen.