Lydmor by Ditte Chemnitz


Out now! Lydmor - Someone We Used To Love

Lydmor is ready with a new single and it's safe to say it's one of her best songs so far!

”Someone We Used To Love” is a diverse song that shows both the introverted and more elaborate sides of the electronic pop artist's unique and captivating universe. Out today with a beautiful live video from her biggest concert performance so far at VEGA Copenhagen. Watch the video here: Video

'Someone We Used To Love' is partly influenced by the Irish author Oscar Wilde and his classic novel 'The Picture of Dorian Gray' from 1890. The novel quotes: 'There is always something ridiculous about the emotions of people whom one has ceased to love". Lydmor's song frames the vulnerability that such a scenario can give. But at the same time, 'Someone We Used To Love' also contains an element of strength. A strength that comes with the recognition of one's fragility, for when one reaches that realization, one is suddenly in a strong, liberating position.

The contrast between fragility and strength is also supported by the song’s composition where the production goes from icy cold and minimalist to dramatic and bass-heavy. Prepare to get your minds blown!

Lydmor describes:
"I wanted to make a real fragile banger! It should have a proper hero chorus. The song has taken a long time to produce because I have been such a perfectionist about it. I tried about 50 different versions of the song until I found the right one”.

There is an eternal unpredictability connected to Lydmor's work. She is constantly exploring new sides of her artistic endeavour. This year Lydmor was involved in cross-aesthetic collaborations with the dance company Corpus at the Royal Theatre. She has also created the soundscape for a new stage production of William Shakespeare's "Twelfth night’', which is scheduled to run at “Oslo Ny Teater” this autumn.



photo by Ditte Chemnitz