Guilty (Kill Me) by Lydmor!


Out now: Guilty (Kill Me) by Lydmor!

Danish multi talent Lydmor blesses us with a new single right in time for the holidays!

"Guilty (Kill Me)" is a synth driven song; lyric-wise, it's reflecting society - just like her last single "LSD Heart" did - but "Guilty (Kill Me)" is written from a more introspective point-of-view. 

She says, ”I don't want to reveal too much of what the song is about – the lyrics are quite explanatory – but I think the song hints at the direction where I'm heading as an artist. Next year I will do a collaboration with the Royal Danish Theatre as well as the soundtrack for a new production of 'Twelfth Night or What You Will' by William Shakespeare on Oslo Theatre.” says Lydmor.

Musically 'Guilty' delves in soothing synth waves and shows a more pensive side of Lydmor than many concert goers have witnessed during her many intense live shows throughout 2019. A natural progression for her constant development as an artist. 

In other words, 'Guilty' is another exciting chapter in Lydmor's ever evolving musical fairytale. 

Have a little pre-listen here: