Jacob Bellens Bread and Butter Fryd Frydendahl


Out now: Bread And Butter by Jacob Bellens

New music is out by Jacob Bellens! After going a bit more experimental with his latest releases "Love Is Robotic" and "Swim Lesson", Bellens single "Bread And Butter" musically picks up where his debut album "The Daisy Age" left off.

‘Bread and Butter’ is the first single of Jacob Bellens upcoming new album ‘My Heart Is Hungry And The Days Go By So Quickly’ and maybe, at least at first sight, one of its saddest.

“Bread and Butter is a song about the dangerous, but also very common habit of putting off living your life for tomorrow or next year.” Jacob Bellens explains.

“So often I tend to go about my everyday business in a state of waiting for something outside myself to come along and wake me up. It’s about spending your life preparing for living it someday. I think we all have a tendency to do so, since its very human. I need to be reminded quite often that everything I say, write and do has a consequence and means something. I often feel the days look the same and that there’s not that much I can do to change it, which couldn’t be more wrong. ‘When I.... ... then I can.....’ are some of the saddest words I know. Waiting for your life to begin, waiting around for someone to come and wake you up is basically just not the smartest strategy if you want to enjoy the gift of life. It’s a reminder to myself that life is fun, that everything is possible and that you bear the key in your silver hands. It’s a Tony Robbins motivational lecture wrapped in a pancake of epicness.”

Bread and Butter is released with a strong video by Fryd Frydendahl and Nis Bysted, premiered on Rockerilla and Good Because Danish. Watch the video here.

Jacob Bellens Bread and Butter video