Lydmor live DR Koncerthuset


Lydmor taking over the venerable DR Koncerthuset

What often makes a truly unique and outstanding artist is the story behind. The story behind Lydmor is a kind that we can count to the most interesting and astounding ones, not only laid out in her concept album 'I Told You I'd Tell Them Our Story', but also in her spectacular live shows, that see her constantly reinventing herself. No wonder that she joined the ranks of the master class of music by playing a gig at the prestigious Koncerthuset in Copenhagen earlier this month, where she created a brand-new and unique show for the sold out venue.

This time she also presented some acoustic songs set at the piano and performed together with a choir - most suitable for the remarkable architecture designed for the perfect sound of a classical concert. Joining forces on stage with Bon Homme, the singer/bassist from WhoMadeWho, with whom she realized several projects, was another highlight of the evening.

She also didn’t miss to fire off her impressive lightshow which forms an integral part of her appearance as an artist. It plays with a futuristic aesthetic where neon colors and blacklight fuse with her love for bodypainting - incorporating a discourse about the value of the body in a capitalistic, artificial and digital environment.

For her performance of a special version of Helium High, a video is now online and several photos of her entire gig are to be seen on the website of Danish music magazine Gaffa for a vague impression of what to experience during her ingenious shows in the future.