Lydmor - shot by Neal Mc Queen


Lydmor going back on tour

Finally, we are able to announce a good bunch of new Lydmor live dates! After her festival concerts at Northside, Tinderbox and - drum roll - Roskilde this summer, more club dates are scheduled for October and November.

She quotes: "As my career has grown the past year, I spend a lot of time thinking about balance. Balance between the creative projects I’ve started getting involved in - theatre, dance, writing - and touring the underground stages of the world, my second passion. There is SO MUCH I want to do, people I want to create amazing things with, stages I want to play. Suddenly I am getting a lot of opportunities to do so. But I must not forget to go out and be there together with you guys, doing MY thing."

 Even more dates are to come, still.

Lydmor tour 2019