Blaue Blume by Rod Clemen (koncertfotografen) - Lovable (Emil Rottmayer Remix)


Lovable (Emil Rottmayer Remix) - out now!

Danish dream-rock group Blaue Blume return to hfn with a new take on Lovable, a standout track from their 2019 album Bell of Wool. Previously remixed by Trentemøller, this version comes courtesy of the mysterious Emil Rottmayer from the UK, who’s remix ebbs and flows in a dreamy fashion. Crystalline synths are washed in reverb and delay, while the beats are crisp and urgent. Jonas Smith’s beautiful vocals hang over proceedings - weightless and drifting yet full of emotion. Lovable (Emil Rottmayer Remix) - out now!


photo: Blaue Blume 2020 at Hotel Cecil by Rod Clemen (@koncertfotografen)



About the original: 

Following on from ‘Morgensol’ Danish alternative art pop band Blaue Blume are back with the second single from their upcoming album: ‘Lovable’. The band luxuriate in melodies and harmonies that soar and sweep - the vocals of Jonas Holst Schmidt are melancholic yet rich in emotion and longing. Emphasizing on the differences in how we perceive ourselves against those around us, Holst Schmidt says:

“I’m not sure what this song is about. Maybe it has something to do with seeing yourself from the outside and realising that you have been misunderstood. That the image you had of the way you walked, the way you smiled at others, talked to them, the way you laughed or the way you cried didn’t coincide with how you were seen through other people’s eyes. You were someone else than the person you had felt you were and you thought you were seen and loved for being. You could see this, it was crystal clear.”

His voice is haunting and affecting, especially when coupled with the delicate arpeggiated electronics. When the drums finally hit, the song is carried along on tides of processed vocals and pads to its beautiful conclusion.

The music video for Lovable has once more been created by audio visual artist Maya SB. Watch the video here