Kasper Bjørke: Double EP (Part A)


Kasper Bjørke: Double EP (Part A) out now!

After a three year absence, Kasper Bjørke returns to hfn music with a sublime new double EP (consisting of Part A and Part B) entitled “Nothing Gold Can Stay”. Having followed a deeply personal ambient music path that last year, Kasper has found his way back to producing some of his signature left field danceable beats, which “the past decade has seen Bjørke steadily rising amongst the ranks of artful, eclectic electronic producers...” (XLR8R)

Nothing Gold Can Stay (Part A) contains four collaborations with four friends from LA, New York and Copenhagen. “Water” feat. Toby Ernest, the slow mo opener to the EP, revives the partnership with Toby that was last seen on 2014’s After Forever album (on the single “Rush”). Toby also provides the vocals on the cover version of Alessi Brothers’ 1975 classic “Seabird” - a track that came about through Kasper’s friendship and musical synergy with DJ and vinyl digger Christian d’Or, who is lead crooning while Toby delivers his signature falsetto. The “Seabird” cover adds a distinct contemporary feeling to the original version while staying true and respectful to the delivery and mood of the songs core. It comes with a charming visual of a seagull flying over the sea.

Next up, “Du Du Du” (“You You You” in Danish) features bassist Tomas Høffding (of WhoMadeWho and Bon Homme). On the closing track of Part A, Kasper asked his New York friend, the legendary Justin Strauss, to gently recite Robert Frost’s 1923 poem “Nothing Gold Can Stay” over a calm instrumental piece.