Jacob Bellens by Fryd Frydendahl


Jacob Bellens' single + video Summer Sadness out now!

Jacob Bellens third album single "Summer Sadness" is out now!

Carefully wrapped around a beautifully melancholic uptempo pop song, ‘Summer Sadness’ could easily be taken as a hymn to adolescence. This third single taken from Jacob Bellens’ upcoming new album ‘My Heart Is Hungry And The Days Go By So Quickly’ was written when Jacob became a father.

“I was at a new place in my life and the concept for the chorus was in many ways an attempt at finally integrating the sorrow that followed the death of my mother in my teens into my adult life”, says Jacob. The line ‘I don’t want you to come back again’ and the following sentence ‘I’m doing fine all on my own’ is both sad and oddly uplifting. It has to do with the healing of old wounds, and taking on the responsibility for your own well-being”.

A light, sugary treat with a dark, caramel core.

Jacob Bellens' Summer Sadness comes with an awesome music video that has been concepted and directed by Nis Bysted and Fryd Frydendahl. Summer Sadness music video premieres at Rumore Mag (IT) and Bedroomdisco (GER).

The full album "My Heart Is Hungry And The Days Go By So Quickly" is yet to come on 3rd of April.

Somewhere between left-field pop and a classical singer/songwriter approach, the songs of Jacob's new album were recorded in two sessions with producer Mads Brinch, drummer Tobias Laust, bass player Jonas Westergaard, keyboardist Malthe Rostrup and guitarist Tobias Fuglesang. “So many good friends and amazing instrumentalists have contributed to the sound“, explained Jacob. “And mostly, people were playing what they felt the song needed, which was an incredibly inspiring way of just letting the process develop naturally, and take on a life of its own.”As such, the recordings give off a distinct light-footed and organic feel.

Rich in metaphors, Jacob Bellens' lyrics deal with personal perceptions based on everyday life occurrences that at the same time hint at the meaning of life in general - or at least suggest a higher perspective. The sonical expression is timeless but also modernistic and the lyrical point of view is refreshingly diverse, never just black or white. The sad songs have uplifting, often surreal qualities, and the lighter, uptempo songs also invite to a certain darkness.

Pre-order the album here.