Jacob Bellens’ new album ‘Trail Of Intuition’ is out now


Jacob Bellens’ album ‘Trail Of Intuition’ is out now

The new longplayer from the inimitable Jacob Bellens is released today! ‘Trail Of Intuition’ is a glittery, heartfelt,  modern pop production and a confident progression from his last album ‘Polyester Skin’.
Unlike his earlier releases, Jacob wrote and pre-produced this album all on his own. While making the new album you could see him sitting in front of his laptop in cafés across Copenhagen, with his headphones on, letting the basic programming and pre-production of the songs become an essential part of the writing process. With a significant focus on pop music, an electronic synth twist and catchy song structures, with its playfulness as well as the ambiguous lyrics, 'Trail Of Intuition' feels both, bright and melancholic in many ways.
After the singles ‘Renegade’, a pulsating up-tempo groover and ‘One Of A Kind’, a rather jazzy ballade paraphrased the sound spectrum of the album, we are now happy to unfold all of the album’s diversity.

And finally there is a brand new video too! The title song ‘Trail Of Intuition’,  an encouraging hymn, in which Bellens appeals to follow one’s instincts has been pictured by video director Pelle Gøtze who produced a cryptic video full of symbolism. ’This piece is a surreal universe where logic went on vacation. A state of mind where you’re confused, yet you go with the flow and get comfortable in a state, where everyday objects makes fun of your brain and surprise you.’ says Gøtze

The video is premiered on Intro Magazine.