Francis Harris


Francis Harris reworked hfn music

Francis Harris, label boss of Scissor and Thread as well as Kingdoms, lent his virtuous mind and offers his own creative touch to hfn music for this upcoming 'hfn reworked', remixing three iconic songs of the label. Starting with 'Cloud 9' by Kasper Bjørke, where ambient and rhythm share their parts in a beautiful manner, the producer reveals a moving leftfield track. The next distinguished track to be reworked is 'Where I Wait' feat. Dave Gahan by Null + Void, a gorgeous and haunting remake where the song gets completely deconstructed in the style of Francis Harris. At last, the reform of 'Hatefuck’ by ticktock brings the listeners in a smooth but hypnotic spiral within ticktock's vocal depth. A must-listen.

Avalaible on hafendisko