Behind the scenes of The Mansisters' "Amigo" music video

„All the animals in the jungle should be friends but occasionally they battle. As everyone knows Amigo is a dancer. He goes out frequently to look for dancing partners so he can dance his pain away. This is a common knowledge but what people don’t know is what type of dancing style Amigo prefers. In this video you can finally find the answer“, The Mansisters cryptically say about their new music video "Amigo".

We are proud to present the iconic music video to The Mansisters’ "Amigo", taken from their latest release on hfn music "Queens Of The Night - Sisters & Brothers Vol. 07". Recorded in Copenhagen, Denmark, and directed by Hjalti Heidar Jónsson, the video ticks all the boxes: It features tapping glittery boots, boomerangs of stuffed animals and animally erotic dancing of women wearing masks, overall creating a slightly mystic still very classy, entertaining vibe. 

There’s a girl with a foxes mask on, playing a broom like a guitar, there’s stuffed animals, there’s "Amigo" - a tall man, dressed in a flowy all-black outfit, wearing a yellow hat and the eye-catcher of the whole video: golden snake skin shoes. The only parts of skin showing - his head and hands - are taken from a shops’ mannequin, painted black, which in the video create the imagery of being moved by a (human?) spirit from within. Only his forehead and eyes are kept in a light colour just like his hat.

Introducing the beat, you see Amigos’ shoes first, golden, fancy, glittery, tapping and dancing on the sidewalk. Short boomerang clips of women lighting candles and stuffed animals pop up. Wind blows from unidentifiable directions. Amigo keeps walking the streets and then discovers two women with foxes masks on standing in an illuminated window. He enters what could be a bar, an apartment, a café or even a brothel and sits down in a suddenly empty room. The two women appear again and greet him with "AMIGO", the minimalistic vocals of the song. They then come in one by one, wearing glittery belly dancer and flamenco inspired, skin exposing outfits and furry fox masks, animally lolling and dancing in front of him. Concluding the story, Amigo starts couple dancing with one of the women. The other one is then shown from outside, standing in the window again, turning on a sign with neon lights saying "Café Open".

Watch the video here and dive into the imagery created by the mesmerizing The Mansisters’ beats and Jónssons’ wildlife inspired visuals.

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