Eva Be / This Is Be. E.

This Is Be. E. by Eva Be

Eva Be has been a defining presence on Berlin’s music scene over the past 20 years. Being an integral part of the Sonar Kollektiv crew since the early days, her style has spanned multiple genres and moods, ranging from trip hop, dub, experimental electronics through to house and elements of techno. Here, after a couple of outings on Poker Flat Recordings, Eva joins hafendisko with three tracks that perfectly encapsulate her eclectic, funky style.

This Is Be. E. ratchets up the tempo for a more direct reaction - Eva’s exceptional sound design provides a track full of flavour and nuance - while hitting hard enough to keep any dancefloor on its toes.

The Way is a rolling dubby house track - the driving groove is coupled with trippy delays and drum fills.

Elbows also experiments with echoes and space - a minimal groove supplies the basis for dubbed out spoken word vocals before a thick bass line kicks in.

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Eva Be This Is Be. E.