Carreno is LB / Preface

hafendisko, the club-oriented sublabel of hfn music, has always had an ear for unearthing the hottest of new talent – proven once more with this exceptional five tracker by Carreno is LBLB, (or Little Bird) has been making emotive, otherworldly electronic music from his home base of Madrid for a few years now, but with ‘Preface’, his first release on hafendisko, a new chapter is unveiled. 

Each track represents a lightness of touch and feel for atmosphere that’s unique – ranging from the subtle, tape saturated deepness of ‘Aesthetic Reflection’, to the more bumping ‘Fabric of Space’.  

‘Integration’ revels in analog arpeggiated synths enveloped in hiss and noise, while being underpinned by a groove that will have festivals and afterhour crowds moving late into the night / day. 

‘Gets in Your Eyes’ is a deep, rolling analog house number that oozes class, while EP closer ‘Woman, Dress, Dance’ is a summertime cosmic groover that falls somewhere between electronica and the kind of crunched up tape compressed house the LIES label has become famous for. All in all, ‘Preface’ suggests we have a lot to look forward to from this exciting new artist.


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Carreno is LB Preface