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Nothing Is Real Lopezhouse

David López and Carlos Cruz have been releasing under the moniker of Lopezhouse for over 10 years, building a not-inconsiderable reputation for quality progressive house and techno. Having turned the heads of Solomun, the Dirtybird crew and the legend John Digweed, they now drop a brand-new collaborative EP with Eleonora (Eleonora Zaripova), on hafendisko. The Berlin-based singer and composer originally hails from Russia, and here co-writes and sings on Nothing Is Real, shared in three versions.

The original is driven along by a thick, motorik beat and eerie pads, underpinned by a sharp, edgy bassline. Eleonora’s vocals are special - hinting at her love of cold wave and dark pop, her smokey delivery adds extra layers to the track.

The Unreal Edit is likely to get a lot of love from stations and shows with a more leftfield take on pop music, while the instrumental is perfect for the DJs who need the stripped down version.


Artwork by Lara Delia


Introducing Lopezhouse

For the past ten years, David López and Carlos Cruz, together known as Lopezhouse, have been carving a path for themselves in the progressive house and techno scene. After a slew of solid underground releases, the duo broke onto the international scene following 2015’s single “Mude Tod”, which was released on prolific dance label Dirtybird.

Since then, the duo have gone from strength to strength, teaming up with Berlin based Exploited and Solomun’s label Diynamic Music, while catching the attention of scene legend John Digweed, subsequently releasing on his label Bedrock Records. This time in their last work for Hafendisko join forces with the Russian-Tartarian and now Berlin based artist Eleonora (Eleonora Zaripova) started releasing music from 2017 touching genres like drone, trip hop, downtempo, cold wave, dark pop. Combining it all in one and underlining it with her smoky voice. As well, this time for the EP cover has a special collab by Lara Delia ( Spanish artist ).

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Lopezhouse & Eleonora Nothing Is Real