Basic Need / Ghost Clap

Basic Need Ghost Clap

Basic Need is the new project from two of our music heroes - the Swedish producer Alexi Delano and Barcelona-based Pablo Sanchez. The pair cook up a spicy serving of underground house for hafendisko on the Ghost Clap EP.

‘13 Years’ rolls in via a deliciously squelchy bassline, offset with sharp strings and tripping, driving beats. It’s a joyful dancefloor heater for late in the night.

‘Ghost Clap’ is cut from the same cloth, a low-slung groove, a sprinkling of sharp percussion, and a bleepy bassline are all the elements necessary to make this a hypnotic groover for the deeper end of the party. Back in 2002, while living in New York City, Delano and Sanchez teamed up with local jazz musicians and formed an electronic band called Soul Dynamics, together they recorded and performed live through out the city’s underground scene. Now they follow up up on their Basic Need debut (recently on Seven Villas) with this fantastic Ghost Clap EP.

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Basic Need Ghost Clap