Sebastopol / Fahrenheit


Sebastopol is an alias of Sébastien Bouchet - a French synthesizer nerd and producer who has released on Cologne’s legendary Kompakt label. Having recollected from Berlin to split his time between Paris and Brussels, Bouchet has hooked up with hafendisko to deliver a fine EP of outsider synth music and left-field pop.

‘Fahrenheit’ echoes the darker elements of trip-hop - a slow-mo groove but with tough and trippy percussion and a low slung vocal - heavy on the atmospheric vibes.

Sascha Funke offers up a remix also - straightening out the beat but keeping in place the brooding vibe. Funke brings his own unique take on the track, adding layers of sounds that bring the remix to full bloom.

‘Across The Galaxy’ has a dirty electro feel - a thick arpeggiated bass line is at the fore, while tight, snappy drums provide the backbone.

‘Pantheon’ is as different again - a dubbed out jam with squelchy effects and a thick, juicy sub bass.

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Sebastopol Fahrenheit