photos by David Robertson / The Cosmic Supply Co (Instagram: @the_cosmic_supply_co)


Despite the Covid-19 situation, Blaue Blume was able to play several seated Denmark shows, in Aalborg, Kolding, Odense, Aarhus, and Copenhagen.


"Blaue Blume possesses some of the same qualities as Danish Mew and Icelandic Sigur Ros, who in addition to combining electronic, synth-borne elements with rock's traditional instruments dare to walk the line with eight-minute-long sound collages, where you as a listener are constantly thrown around. (...)

I did not think Jonas Smith could surpass his exemplary efforts, but on that number he lifts his voice all the way up to where my drawer of superlatives does not strike. It's so oppressively beautifully sung that I'm about to tumble down from my chair."

- Fyens DK