Seilertracks Part 2

1 | Always Look In Front
produced by Yannick Labbé

2 | Always Look In Front (Kris Davis Remix)
produced by Yannick Labbé, remixed by Kris Davis

3 | Resonate
produced by Yannick Labbé

4 | El Color Pasa
produced by Yannick Labbé

The second instalment of Yannick Labbé's 'Seilertracks' - a heady brew of hypnotic house with a daring, experimental edge - maintains the high standards set by its outstanding predecessor. 

'Always Look In Front' sets the mood: a subaquatic concoction that slowly rises from the waters with narcotic swirls of circling synths and echoing vocals. It's a perfect soundtrack for the morning after a late night and a defiant statement of forward-looking intent. 

Kris Davis's moody, jacking treatment harnesses this base material for the dancefloor, adding a pounding kick, booming analogue pulses and heavy subs. 

Meanwhile, the dark, discombobulating 'Resonate' showcases Labbé's imaginative spirit as low sustained bass drones contrast with bright, discordant woodwind pings and flourishes. 

Last up, 'El Color Pasa' sends music box chimes skittering across deep bass before a stirring climax of acidic repetitions.