Seilertracks Part 1

1 | All Of It feat. Forrest
produced by Yannick Labbé, lyrics by Zach Joss

2 | All Of It feat. Forrest (Borrowed Identity Remix)
produced by Yannick Labbé, lyrics by Zach Joss, remixed by Borrowed Identity

3 | All Of It feat. Forrest (Filburt Remix)
produced by Yannick Labbé, lyrics by Zach Joss, remixed by Filburt

4 | Du!
produced by Yannick Labbé

Hafendisko serve up the first of two mouth-wateringly delicious EPs from Yannick Labbé - best known for his work as part of Trickski and a long association with the Jazzanova-Compost axis. It's a hypnotic brew of deeply seductive house direct from his base on Hamburg's Seilerstraße. 

"All Of It", a slow-house burner, contrasts nebulous vocals with crisp percussive elements, sustained sub bass and synth pings that pulse around the stereo field to conjure a hazy atmosphere. Montreal's Zach Joss, aka Forrest, showcases an extraordinary vocal range - breathy, distorted and androgynous in turns. 

On remix duty, Borrowed Identity consolidates his growing reputation with a re-work that underpins the tune with a rubbery bounce and insistent pulsing bass. Dancefloor-ready yet meditative, tough yet tender, it's a remix that bends the original in new directions while respecting its emotional core. 

For his mix, Leipzig lynchpin Filburt demonstrates a musical sensibility honed in the DJ booth: seductive, deadly deep and hauntingly hypnotic, with an added funky edge to the closing minutes. 

The playful "Du!" rounds things off: underpinned by a swarming, hypnotic repetition, a simple vocal line intones the title to work a mysterious and wilfully strange magic.