Snacks produces New House Music with heart and soul. The New Zealand/German duo that is Rene Corbett & Aljoscha Babel first met in a smokey table tennis bar. Their bond was solidified over a few German beers, their unique sound later fine-tuned for countless hours in Aljoscha's synth filled Berlin studio. 
Aljoscha's love for hardware and Hip Hop combines with Rene's Jazz, Soul & Funk background to create a unique sound that is both rich in history as well as creativity. This blend culminates in an exciting live show laced with percussions and vintage synths that always center around groove and swing. Snacks' charming show makes dance floors sweat and smile till the early hours.

Their first song was composed during a 10 hour bus ride to Warsaw. Purdie, a jazz. drum and solo inspired groove, went on to become one of the strongest songs of the 2014 summer. It was featured regularly in sets & charts from Detroit Swindle, Prosumer, Star Slinger, Ben UFO, Kraak & Smaak, Tim Sweeney's Beats in Space and various other artists. The Snacks' sound was described as House Music in a class all of it's own. 
After Selling out the first and second pressings of the Purdie EP in just a few short months, the DJ duo played live in some of the most respected clubs & festivals across Europe, including the Rex Club in Paris, the Wilde Renate and Sisyphos in Berlin, and the Opium Club in Vilnius. 
Snacks is a duo to keep a close eye on and expect big things from.