OUT NOW: Deo & Z-Man: No Bullshit


OUT NOW: Deo & Z-Man: No Bullshit

With their debut album on hafendisko, Deo & Z-Man proceed their research in contemporary electronic music beyond stylistic boundaries and present a wide-ranging lucky bag of songs. The Italo-rooted brothers are melting influences from modern House music, HipHop, Electronica and even jazzy elements into a fresh and life-affirming total work of art.

And here we have - 'No Bullshit' which is finally available in all stores. With a healthy dose of tongue-in-cheek humour and a seemingly endless supply of fresh ideas, Deo & Z-Man might have pulled one of the most creative albums of the year. 


DJ feedback:

Kasper Bjørke (hfn)
"This is pretty damn awesome!"

Michael Reinboth (Compost)
"I'm full in swing here."

Acid Pauli (Clown And Sunset)
":-) :-)"

Noir (Noir Music)
"Chopped Memories is pretty dope."

Sexy Lazer (hfn)
"I like Y R U A G.. cool vibe!"


Press feedback:

"Deo & Z-Man have big, ambitious plans. You can feel this by listening to this track."

„A uniform mixture of House, HipHop, Electronica and a dash of Jazz – fresh and with a proper amount of humour!“

Nothing But Hope And Passion:
„XTC is a release that manages to be both dance floor dynamite and wryly tongue in cheek.“
BIB on the sofa:
„That´s acid, disco-not-disco, downtempo, electro, funk, futuretro, indie-dance, remix, retro, underground...!“

Minimal Spieltrieb:
„Heavy analog basslines, the ace percussion parts und this robot voice reminiscent to the 80s...it´s just a dream!“