Watch the music video of ‚To Grieve’ by MANOID

  • Watch the music video of ‚To Grieve’ by MANOID

As you may have noticed, Polish artist MANOID just released his debut EP on Hafendisko. Read more about the EP ‚To Grieve‘ here

Video artist and director Pat Dudek created an oppressive and literally captivating atmosphere that shows off the repressive relationship of a young couple. He says:

"The video is about harm; how mental damage caused by one to the other could infect both. The infection may spread on when the victim becomes a torturer as a consequence of what happened to her. Subconscious desire for revenge is the universal driving force of evil (we all know real historical examples). In this video we focused on the intimate experience, but You can also read this story symbolically, in the wider context."

Head over to the music video now on Kaltblut Magazine or watch the video on YouTube.